Why you should use pavers on your patio

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Pavers on a patio

Since those great times of splendor of civilization, the cobblestone pavement was very well received since it allowed the carriages to move very quickly, as never before in history, since previously the pavement was made up of reasonably uniform rocks. Each other allowed filming of the carriages. 


Thus, as construction materials evolved, pavers evolved, and new materials were used each time that offered more excellent resistance, hardness, and valuable life. In this way, at the end of the 19th century, concrete revolutionized pavers, now making them of this material, which provided a large number of benefits that allowed them, once again, to position themselves as one of the most suitable decorative materials for various spaces. 



Under the previous logic, concrete pavers continued to be one of the preferred materials by construction companies to build the pavement of multiple public spaces and decorate the gardens or patios of houses and residences. During the 21st century, the trend also grew significantly when the aesthetics of the time focused on building increasingly luxurious, durable, and, of course, functional spaces. 



Evaluating the technical and quality conditions of the materials with which a construction project will be developed is decisive for its useful life and appearance. In the case of concrete pavers, characteristics such as resistance to bending, absorption, and wear, which are determined by the concrete used in its manufacture and by way of installation, are aspects that, added to the aesthetic ones, can represent a significant cost reduction. 



What are concrete pavers? 



Concrete pavers are solid elements, prefabricated, of uniform thickness, and equal to each other, with the shape of a right prism such that when placed on a surface, they fit together so that only joints remain between them. 



Pavers are a type of material that is used to create patios. They are usually made from stone, brick, concrete, or other materials.  

Pavers can be used in many ways to create patios. They can be laid in a pattern, or they can be laid in a random pattern. The patterns that pavers can be laid in include:  



1) Herringbone: The most popular and traditional pattern for paving stones. It involves laying the stones to form an interlocking 'V' shape with one row of stones overlapping the previous row at right angles.  

2) Rectangle: This is when pavers are laid so that each row is parallel with the one before it and there is no overlap between them  

3) Diagonal: This is when starting a new patio project or remodeling your current patio requires a lot of preparation. For this, you should not stop thinking about the details.  



Advantages of choosing cobblestone for the patio of a house 



When it comes time to choose the material for the patio, we ask ourselves which is the best: stamped concrete, stone, or cobblestone. And finally, an excellent option is cobblestone. 


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Unlike stamped concrete, pavers do not need as much base for their placement and, therefore, it is cheaper. 






In the case of having to do some work on pipes or electricity that requires opening a trench, the cobblestone can be dismantled and then placed again. 






We can make more original designs and play with different compositions with the cobblestone. It is more aesthetic. Gmoscape offer a simple and elegant solution.




The water filters between the paving stones in such a way that we avoid problems of puddles or accumulations. 






Both stone and, above all, stamped concrete wear out with the passage of time and vehicle traffic. The paver supports these loads better. Advantages of choosing a paver for the patio of a house. 



Some feautures 




The colors in the paving stones and other existing prefabricated elements originate from the colors of their natural raw materials (aggregates, cement, pigments, water, etc.). These colors are variable over time due to the different production and exploitation fronts used during their extraction. For this reason, the shades may vary slightly, even within the same lot or shipment. Gmoscape offer a simple and elegant solution.


Paver handling  

The paving stones must be protected, at all times, from contamination or damage with: earth, mud, oils, concrete mixtures, cement, steel marks, facade washing acids, material discharges, and any other external agent that deteriorates its appearance or its operation. It is recommended that the pavers be stacked as close as possible to the installation site to avoid further handling and, therefore, deterioration of the element. 


Where and for what can concrete paver pavements be used? 


Concrete paver pavements have almost as wide an application range as other types of pavements. Gmocape can be your best ally.


They can be used on platforms, pedestrian areas, and squares, where the traffic is pedestrian; on internal roads of urbanizations, streets, and avenues, with vehicular traffic ranging from a few light vehicles to a large number of heavy vehicles. Also, in loading areas, port yards, airport platforms, and areas with very high loads and even vehicle traffic mounted on tracks. 


This wide range of applications implies the need to formulate different designs for the pavement structure according to the type of traffic it is going to support and the characteristics of the soil on which it is going to be built, with variations in the thickness of the pavers and the base material and thickness. This design can be elaborated with appropriate methods that guarantee the excellent performance and durability of the pavement, which is reinforced with adequate procedures and controls during construction. 


Concrete pavers are an economical, functional, and aesthetic option for exteriors in homes. The enormous versatility in textures, shapes, and colors makes this an ideal material for practically all environments. Suppose that is added to its economic and durability competitiveness. In that case, it is a perfect solution to finish off the dream house of any client in the most spectacular way. Gmocape can be your best all.


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