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Published 09/07/21 by Ingenuity & Solutions | Last updated on February 15, 2023

Summer Patio Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

The outside of our home also understands fashion. Gardens, patios, terraces, and balconies are decked out at this time of year, so the outdoor trend radar kicks in to bring you a selection of what to use. Not always the entire decoration of these outdoor spaces has to be renewed, but you can always incorporate a piece of furniture, an auxiliary, accessories, or even textures. 


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Braided, an extra texture 

A few years ago, the braids that we saw in outdoor furniture were made of fibers or synthetic materials that imitated the finish. Technologies have made it possible to obtain synthetic materials that are super resistant to UV rays and water that favor the design of finished furniture.

Braided beyond the traditional: ropes or filaments intertwine and cross, even creating very decorative geometric patterns in the same framework. This finish is a trend, and you will see it on many terraces and garden furniture. Don't resist it because it fits all decorative styles; it is resistant, comfortable, and visually kind. Gmoscape has the best tips to make the right decision.


Furniture in color 

The woven finish that we mentioned earlier is a trend for gardens and terraces and in color. We were used to seeing metal furniture in colors but almost nothing different. Brown and grey are shades par excellence because they fit with everything, and they are fundamental. But if you dare and you want to add dynamism to your outdoor space: bet on the trend, then get colored pieces.  Gmoscape may be your best ally.


Black and wood, a modern contrast 

Current, contemporary, and very urban. This trend for decorating exteriors is perfect for terraces and city gardens. Natural wood in a light tone (like eucalyptus) and metal details in black. Gmoscape offers a simple and elegant solution.


The terrazzo outside 

It is another of the trends that you should note: the terrazzo will decorate terraces and gardens and not only on the ground. What's more, try to incorporate it into some other surface such as a table. Total trendy! 


From terrazzo to cement, one more trend 

And if we talk about finishes, cement, or materials that imitate their appearance but are lighter and more manageable, they are among the top in terms of outdoor trends. How do I incorporate this finish? On a tabletop, in an auxiliary piece, on a workbench covered with micro cement or paint that imitates it, also in flower pots. 


Natural outdoor trend 

Natural fibers are that essential for summer and good weather. But now they have climbed positions and are fashionable. So decorate terrace and garden with them or with materials that imitate them. Remember that fiber baskets, rugs and poufs are ideal accessories to give warmth to a space, but since they are made of natural fiber, they must be protected from water and sun. So always better under a roof. Materials that imitate natural fiber but are synthetic (such as PVC or polypropylene) can get wet without a problem. 


Lamps, like at home 

Solar, portable, or with electrical installation. The outdoor trends remind us of the importance of lighting in the final decoration of any space. And when in outsides, it happens similarly, with the addition that without good lighting planning, it will be difficult to enjoy the outdoor spaces at night. To do this, you have to break the "inside-outside" barrier because the lamps for the terrace and the garden are increasingly interchangeable. Solar models are becoming more and more aesthetic. And the rechargeable, cordless, or installation-friendly ones come in warm materials that withstand outdoor conditions. Do not pass this year: incorporate a floor lamp into your outdoor space. Gmoscape has the best tips to make the right decision.


Rugs, a plus of style 

Without a doubt, one of the auxiliary pieces or accessories that mark the outdoor trends is the outdoor rugs. With them, you can add color and patterns, which will completely transform your outdoor corner. Without changing the terrace or garden furniture, a carpet will renew your image. About the unique materials for these spaces (fibers, vinyl, polypropylene...), each one has characteristics that you should know if they are suitable for the place where you want to show them off. Those made of synthetic materials have the advantage of being also advisable for allergy sufferers, as they do not have hair, they do not accumulate dust. Use the outdoor rugs to define a cozy corner on the porch with a rocking chair or as a base to group some poufs or floor cushions in a chill-out corner. Gmoscape hopes to be part of your project.



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If you want to remodel your outdoor spaces, Gmoscape Contractor has qualified professionals who will evaluate what material is suitable for your garden or terrace to help you with your project and guide your decision. For more information, contact us and get a free quote.

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