Things you should know before installing pavers

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Pavers on a patio

Pavers are an attractive landscaping material used for paving driveways, sidewalks, and patios. Installing pavers is a simple process that falls within novice and experienced homeowners' skill sets.  


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The key to a long-lasting paver surface is a well-constructed base. The flexible base material is inexpensive, lets you lay pavers without mortar, and allows groundwater to drain. Gmoscape has the expertise you need for your project in Connecticut.


Installing a patio with pavers is quite simple; however, we recommend you refer to an expert to achieve the expected results. This work is primarily a job that requires strength and energy.  


The most important steps are to plan and prepare the site. After selecting the area and purchasing supplies, you will need to excavate and level the site. Leveling is the most crucial step, as any mistakes will be evident in the result. 


Pavers can make a difference 


Building a patio can turn an ordinary outdoor place into a gathering space. Using pavers on the patio allows you to make various shapes, sizes, and colors inexpensively. Installing a patio covered with pavers requires a bit of work, but it's a task you can easily accomplish from start to finish. 


Pavers are always a good choice, not only for their appearance but also for their advantages, such as their non-slip nature and ability to withstand high foot traffic. It is worth reviewing these aspects before you start using them in the outdoor spaces of your home in Connecticut. Gmoscape has the expertise you need for your project in Connecticut.


If you are planning to make pathways or a patio around your home, you may be wondering which material to choose. Making the right choice is not easy. The main goal is to improve the area's look around the house and adapt it to the house. Many homeowners decide to lay pavers. Paved paths are inexpensive, which is a great advantage of this solution. There are many types of pavers, which differ in quality and properties. Check the essential information you need to know before finishing the property. 


However, there are some points that you should keep in mind before carrying out the project of outdoor spaces with pavers. This article gives you some tips to keep in mind before starting the construction or remodeling with pavers. 


Preliminary Considerations 


Analyze the soil 

Insist with your installers to analyze the soil where the pavers are going to be placed because, depending on this, some special treatment may be needed that may affect the installation cost or its durability. 


Make a base soil layer 

You can skip to the next step for laying pavers, leveling if you already have a base layer, also called a base course. If you do not already have a base layer, you can use a base of mixed granules or stabilized soil. Consider in this process that the ground must have a slight slope so that water can flow in case of rain. A gradient of 2% is recommended, which implies at least a height difference of 1 to 2 cm per meter to be paved.  


Leveling the ground to lay pavers in the courtyard 

Excavate the site using a shovel. The excavation depth should be equal to the height of the pavers, plus the thickness of the sand and base layers. It should be excavated to a slightly greater depth than calculated. The height of the base backfill may make a difference. Gmoscape has the expertise you need for your project in Connecticut.



Although the paver is usually more expensive than other pieces, its installation is much more straightforward and economical because it is unnecessary to make a concrete pour. For example, it is installed directly on the sand in sandy soils using specific procedures that significantly reduce costs. In many cases, the selection of pavers for your spaces ends up being the most economical, practical, and best quality and appearance. Gmoscape offer a simple and elegant solution


Think about the balance 

If you use pavers in your garden, think of their use to complement what the garden already offers. This way, you will be able to delimit the area and optimize the use of your spaces without visually affecting the area already occupied by the plants. 


Choose the suitable material, shape, and size 

There are many options on the market, porcelain, natural stone, concrete, etc. Each one is capable of providing a different nuance to your patio, garden, or the entrance of your house. 


Think about costs 

The price of the material is a crucial aspect as well. Keep in mind that prices differ, depending not only on the material but also on the size and thickness of the stones. Manufacturers usually price by weight, so ensure you know how sufficient the material is. 


Before you start working on the paths and patio, you need to choose a suitable material. It is vital that you check different options to choose the perfect material for your project. When choosing the right one, you should pay attention to the material, color, and the overall effect you expect from the paving. Gmoscape offer a simple and elegant solution


If you want to hire a professional to lay the paving for you, keep in mind that the service price includes several aspects. For example, it is essential whether the stones are of a single color or if you want to arrange them in a pattern. Site preparation is also included in the price. 


Get the measure of the area  

You must know the measure of the patio where you will build it. This step will allow you to determine how many pavers and other supplies you need to purchase. Multiply both measurements, and you will get the area of your future patio. 


If your patio is not rectangular but plans to use square pavers, you must estimate the area. Another option is to use pavers designed to be placed in rounded areas. To determine the amount of these pavers necessary, you have to make different measurements. Remember that Gmoscape is the best choice for patio construction in Connecticut.  


If you are going to build stairs in the patio, you will probably need to subtract the area of the bottom stair and buy some retaining blocks. 



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If you want to remodel your outdoor spaces, Gmoscape Contractor has qualified professionals who will evaluate what material is suitable for your garden or terrace to help you with your project and guide your decision. For more information, contact us and get a free quote.


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