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Watering a garden Gmoscape CT

We are already immersed in the summer, and our thoughts are divided between work and vacation. The sound of the sea and tranquility come close, but leaving is ultimately calm. We must pay attention to the elements of our home and outdoor spaces when we are away. Gmoscape has the best tips for making the right decision on patios.


Although our garden and patio need specific care throughout the year, in summer, even more, as high temperatures or drought can cause significant damage.


Taking care of the garden in summer means paying close attention to watering times and preventing possible pests and infections. 


All plants will be affected in summer, but even more in drier areas. Knowing which plants are suitable for arid climates is essential to withstand high temperatures better. 


An automatic irrigation system is the best solution if you go on holiday and have no one to water your garden. You can schedule watering hours as often as you want. 


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Why should you pay attention to your outdoor spaces in summer?  


In spring, nature is back in full force. In a short time, your garden will be full of life with all its consequences. Are you ready to face the challenge? Gmocape can be your best ally. 


This article shares some maintenance tips for your outdoor spaces that you should always pay attention to.  


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Outdoor plants, flowers, and trees also require special care during this time, as pests and fungi can appear due to high temperatures. In these cases, it is advisable to use insecticides or other products in the late afternoon without abusing them to avoid burning them. 


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And the furniture in our gardens and terraces? 



Although they are designed with materials that support virtually all weather conditions, we must consider some tips to prevent them from deteriorating. If we leave them outdoors, we can cover those made of resin or plastic with towels. Applying a coat of paint or varnish to wrought iron or iron furniture is always advisable to keep them shiny throughout the summer. For furniture of natural materials such as wicker, it is best to clean them with salt water so they do not lose their rigidity.


Tips for lawn care in summer 


Plants are a great addition to your yard, but remember that having the right landscape design for your Connecticut home is essential. At Gmoscape, we are ready to help you have large outdoor spaces.  


Summer is the most difficult time for our garden. A particularly dry and hot season can spoil our efforts to have a beautiful garden customized to our taste and, above all, healthy. That is why today we will see how to take care of your garden in summer, with the most importantly practical tips.


  • Watering 


As temperatures rise, you will need to increase the water that waters your lawn. If you are not getting enough water, it will no longer look green and bald spots will appear. 


A great way to ensure watering is to schedule automatic watering in the garden. 


Watering is more important than ever if you want to take care of your garden in summer. To do this, do it first thing in the morning before the temperatures rise and the sun is high.


This will allow you to make much better use of the water as the plants will have time to absorb it, and evaporation will be much less. 


It doesn't matter what method you use, although an irrigation system will make things much more manageable. For summer, in arid areas, it can be interesting to install soaking hoses. These hoses are buried under the mulch (but remain on the ground) and release water drop by drop. They can be made with typical hoses by drilling small holes at a regular distance.


  • Mowing 


Gmoscape recommends that you do not stop cutting but raise the cutting height. In this way, the roots will be protected from heat, and you will prevent water from evaporating quickly from the soil. 


Your lawn may need some reseeding in some areas after winter. This is something you will need to evaluate. What is clear is that from now on, Gmoscape recommends mowing more often, at least once a week in summer.


  • Planting 



Another satisfying job is undoubtedly to plant new specimens. Maybe not if we have had some casualties with the winter frosts, but we are always excited to incorporate new plants into the garden. 


Gmoscape recommends planting before the arrival of heat. The plant can adapt its roots to suffer less if you do this process.  


Select species that are used to weather conditions and ensure they have the space and soil needed to develop.


This summer, don't miss out on building or remodeling your yard in Connecticut. At Gmoscape, we offer the best outdoor remodeling services in Connecticut. 


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