How to make your patio cozier in Connecticut

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Do you have a patio at home but need help with what to do with this space? Remember, it’s always best to look on the bright side of everything because, if you think about it, not every house in Connecticut can afford to have its own yard, not even a small one. Gmocape can be your best ally


Our exteriors, such as terraces, balconies and, in this case, our patios, are areas that, if we know how to design and decorate properly, could become the heart of our homes. And what better space for family or friends integration than an outdoor place surrounded by the warmth of home?  Gmoscape is the best choice in Connecticut for outdoor building


The courtyard of the house is the business card of a detailed owner who takes care of your home and wants to welcome your guests with all the comfort. Gmoscape has the expertise you need for your project in Connecticut.   


In addition, it is a recreational space, vital for the inhabitants of the house, where the whole family can relax after a long day of work, barbecue with friends, or meet surrounded by nature.  


Why is it essential to have a cozy patio? 


Regardless of its size, having an outdoor area in the home, whether in a patio or garden, is a luxury for anyone who has one. Its potential is matched only by the many uses that patios and gardens offer. From a family gathering to a social event with friends and neighbors, or simply as an extension of the interior space, this type of space is a universe to be explored. Gmocape can be your best ally


However, lack of time can make it challenging to keep them in perfect condition. As in any other room of the house, outdoor areas have to take into account not only the design but also the maintenance and distribution of the same, always looking for the creation of spaces full of charm that, in any case, are attractive.  


When the size of the garden is large, it is common to find different areas with uses for all tastes that, in small patios, seem to have no place. However, smaller spaces can also become cozy and warm. You have to know how to get it.  


Furniture to receive your guests 


Furniture is a point that should never be neglected. It is the first way to keep your guests comfortable. You should try to provide padded, reclining, and even resistant furniture so that your guest feels in maximum comfort and wants to spend a long evening with you. 


A pergola for light and shadow play 


A terrace with modern lines is a trend where a pergola lets the sunlight through but not too much, generating light and shade. You can also hang pots, climbing plants, and even lamps that help with lighting at night. Gmoscape has the best tips to make the right decision.


Pergolas are ideal for recreating very romantic atmospheres. In them, you can hang from bushes and pots to hanging lamps or beautiful Christmas lights that will improve the lighting of your patio, making it look wider, more complete, and neat.


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Stand out with bright colors 


Just because your patio is small doesn't mean it shouldn't have some of your personality in it. On the contrary, look for simple, unobtrusive ways to denote style and character, such as the color of your walls; make them stand out! 


Choose furniture that is consistent with your style 


If you want a vintage patio, resort to borrowed, inherited, or retro furniture. Opt for more sober, geometric designs and neutral colors if you want a modern style. Do you see the coherence?  


Seek to add some comfort to your composition 


Your patio is small and that doesn't mean it has to be uncomfortable! Look for comfortable ways to sit and sit with your loved ones. A relaxing hammock will always be one of the best options. 


Glass doors for panoramic views 


Panoramic glass doors are ideal to appreciate a lovely patio from the inside of the house. Whether with a metal frame, joints with buttons, sliding doors, or open wide, it will always be an idea to revalue your home monetarily, making it more modern and connected with nature. 


Use creative and original pots 


Standing out and knowing how to differentiate yourself will be the only way to give a very personal touch to your home's exteriors -and interiors-. How about a wagon turned into a flowerpot?  


Rock with your loved ones 


Rocking chairs, without a doubt, are a great addition to any exterior for their relaxing effect. In the image above, we see a design made with warm materials and, above all, a design that hangs so as not to be in the way.  


Add a little heat 


There are many ways to add warmth to your space. You won't need a lot of space, but good ideas are to warm up with your partner or enjoy a warm family moment around the fire. Gmoscape has the best tips to make the right decision.


Connection with the interior 


The connection with the interior and at the same time with the exterior, in a modern way, is priceless! As we see in this reference, the room has a privileged view of a simple patio, which is accessed by a wooden deck until you reach the grass to admire the landscape. 


Recycle and reuse when decorating 


A house becomes a home the moment we give it our personal touch. How about recycling your old shutters or doors to create your vertical gardens or lovely floating shelves? Gmoscape offer a simple and elegant solution


Exterior hanging lights 


Nothing makes a patio more inviting than a garland of outdoor lights - and these days, they come in so many sizes and designs! From classic outdoor Christmas lights to the famous Chinese lanterns, choose the lights you like best for your patio and watch it transform into a magical place when the sun goes down. 


Gmoscape is the best option for your patio in Connecticut. Patios in Fairfield, Connecticut, CT | Patios in New london, Connecticut, CT | Patios in Hartford, Connecticut, CT | Patios in Litchfield, Connecticut, CT | Patios in Tolland, Connecticut, CT | Patios in West hartford, Connecticut, CT | Patios in Vernon, Connecticut, CT | Patios in Manchester, Connecticut, CT | Patios in Glastonbury, Connecticut, CT | Patios in South glastonbury, Connecticut, CT | Patios in Simsbury, Connecticut, CT | Patios in Avon, Connecticut, CT | Patios in Windsor, Connecticut, CT | Patios in South windsor, Connecticut, CT | Patios in East windsor, Connecticut, CT | Patios in Enfield, Connecticut, CT | Patios in Suffield, Connecticut, CT | Patios in Springfield, Massachusetts, MA | 


 Gmoscape Contractor will help you transform the outdoor spaces of your home. Visit us on our social networks to learn more about our services in Connecticut. 


If you want to remodel your outdoor spaces, at Gmoscape Contractor has qualified professionals who will evaluate which material is suitable for your garden or terrace to help you with your project and guide your decision. If you want more information, contact us and get a Free Estimate. 



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