How do I prepare my backyard for snow?

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The snow is indeed there! But how do you protect your snowy garden? What mistakes should you avoid? Gmoscape offers a simple and elegant solution.


Snowflakes usually fall during the night while we sleep. So, when we wake up, the whole patio is covered by a layer of snow. Here we will share some valuable tips to protect your garden and backyard from snow and cold.


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What happens with frost in our patio and garden?



Frost is a meteorological phenomenon that occurs when the temperature of the air closest to the ground drops below 32ºF. A series of local environmental conditions must be met for them to occur such as the absence of wind, clear skies, atmospheric dryness, and temperature inversion in the air close to the ground.


As a result, patios and gardens suffer from freezing weather. Plants also suffer from cold and snow. Because of the snow, plants begin to weaken, continuing with the alteration of their biological equilibrium, finally reaching cell death, and destroying plant tissues. At first glance, it can be observed that the stems and leaves begin to look blackened until the tissues die entirely.


They generally occur in winter, when the plants are at rest, which is advantageous because it helps them withstand them better. However, some frosts occur in the spring months, the late frosts, which are harmful to the new shoots.


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Should we remove snow from the garden?


You might be tempted to remove the snow over your yard. However, it is particularly beneficial for plants. Indeed, it protects the soil of plants from frost and shallow temperatures. Also, snow continues to provide water to your plants without watering them. Nevertheless, remember to shake your plants' branches or put a plant cover on them so that the leaves do not get heavy and break.


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Snow in the garden: precautions to take



To clear walkways is better to avoid road salt and opt for sand. Indeed, sand will not harm the health of your surrounding plants. Also, avoid walking on the snow-covered lawn. The grass may be of lower quality until the good weather returns.


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Effects of snow and frost 


In the so-called white frosts, plants and soil are covered by a white layer of frost. They are the least harmful because the plants benefit from a heat transfer that reduces the damaging effect of the cold as the water freezes.


If the frost has occurred in a drier environment, the liquids in the plant cells can freeze and break down their tissues. These frosts, known as black frosts, do not form a glaze and cause a lot of damage because they damage the plants from the inside and destroy them.


The effects of snow on plants, like frost, can be beneficial or detrimental. A small snow thickness has sufficient insulating power to protect plants from the most severe frosts. Conversely, if the snowfall has been weighty, it can break the weakest branches of trees and shrubs and crush small plants.


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Tips to protect from snow



Here you have 11 tips to protect your backyard from the snow!


1. Remember that snow is good for the garden


You may think you need to barricade your garden to keep it from the snow, but that is not right. Indeed, snow offers many advantages to your outdoor space.


2. Don't use road salt


Do not use road salt to remove snow from your backyard walkways. Indeed, salt could harm the health of your surrounding plants. You can use sand instead.


3. Do not mulch the soil


It is not necessary to mulch the soil when it snows. Snow turns into protection from frost and very intense cold.


4. Do not remove snow from the leaves


Be careful that snow does not break the branches of your plants. Too much snow can be heavy on the leaves, so remember to shake your plant to remove the snow on it.


5. Use plant covers for freeze protection


To not have to shake all the plants in the garden, consider using a plant cover. It will protect the aerial part of the plant while letting the snow settle on the ground. Consider removing it when the temperatures are milder.


6. Do not walk on the snowy lawn


It isn't easy to protect the whole lawn from snow. The only thing to do is to let the snow melt by itself without stepping on the grass. If you trample the grass, it might be damaged.


7. Do not water the plants after the snow


Snow is an excellent source of water for your plants. When it melts, it helps hydrate the plants without you having to water them. There is no need to take out the garden hose; the snow takes care of everything!


8. Think about the birds


It is difficult for ground-feeding birds to come and feed on the ground when it is snowy. So, consider hanging up food for the birds and building shelters so they can spend the winter warm.


9. Do not break the pond ice


You don't need to worry about the life that stirs under the ice cover of your pond, no matter how thin or thick it is. Animals and plants don't need you! Like the rest of the fauna and flora, fish live in slow motion.


10. Hot water


Mainly, do not throw hot water on your walkways for backyard fences. While the immediate effect will melt the snow quickly, it can create a harmful layer of ice for your plants.


11. Take into account the snow information


Indeed, snow is a perfect informant for your vegetable garden. Take a good look at where the snow has melted the fastest; this will help you find the warmest places. These will be the most appropriate for planting your seedlings.



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