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Lighting in gardens and patios - Gmoscape Contractor LLC

Lighting in gardens and patios

Published 11/26/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

Outdoor lighting is taking a lot of relevance nowadays, and it is that who has a garden, balcony, or terrace wants it to be perfectly illuminated. This article will show you some relevant tips.

Patio in Autumn Gmoscape Contractor LLC

How to maintain your patio in Autumn

Published 11/11/21 David Murgas

Every season has its advantages and disadvantages to maintain your patio. The crucial thing is that you prepare yourself, considering the way weather affects your outdoor places.  

Remodeling Autumn Gmoscape Contractor LLC

Reasons why you should remodel this Autumn

Published 10/24/21 David Murgas

Renovating your home is also a way to reinvigorate yourself. In thi article we tell you why it is a good idea to remodel your house in Autumn.

Autumn Fall Gmoscape ContractorLLC Connecticut

Decoration ideas for your outdoor spaces in Autumn

Published 10/10/21 David Murgas

Take advantage of the change of season to give your home a new look. You can make your home warmer and more welcoming with some bit of decorative combinations.

Patio landscape Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Ideas to add something different to your patio

Published 09/21/21 David Murgas

This article shows different aspects to take into account about patios. The outside of our home also understands fashion. Gardens, patios, terraces, and balconies are decked out at this time of year.

Sidewalk landscape Gmoscape Constructor LLC Connecticut

Wonderful and trending sidewalk ideas

Published 09/14/21 David Murgas

Most of the time the paths that we get in the middle of the patios, gardens and surroundings of the houses, usually have a functional but above all very aesthetic purpose in the landscape.

Summer Patio Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Trending patio decorations for this summer

Published 09/07/21 David Murgas

The exterior also understands fashion. Gardens, patios, terraces and balconies are decked out at this time of year so the outdoor trend radar kicks in to bring you a selection of what to wear.

Pergola design Gmoscape Contractor LLC

3 great ideas for your new outdoor living space

Published 08/31/21 David Murgas

There are always new ideas that you can consider for your outdoor living space. In this article, we want to share some ideas about improving your landscape design using decks, shelters, and pergolas.

New space design Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Why is rendering important when designing a new space?

Published 08/24/21 David Murgas

Rendering is fundamental because it allows us to get a realistic image before building the new outdoor space. This way, we can communicate how the result would look like to make decisions.

Retaining wall Gmoscape Contractor LLC

What is a retaining wall used for?

Published 08/17/21 David Murgas

A retaining wall is a structure specially designed to retain and support soil to a slope that it would not typically keep to. These walls are often created with relatively rigid materials.

Pavers and concrete Gmoscape Contractor LLC

Pavers vs concrete and soil types

Published 08/10/21 David Murgas

In this opportunity, we will talk to you about some important considerations regarding whether to choose pavers or concrete for your patio and why at Gmoscape, we recommend you go with pavers.

Patio landscape Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

4 important things to consider for your patio project

Published 08/03/21 David Murgas

There are some crucial questions you need to ask yourself to determine the purpose of your paver patio. Here we share with you some important things to consider for your patio project.

Polymeric sand Gmoscape Constructor LLC

The truth about polymeric sand

Published 07/27/21 David Murgas

The conversation around polymeric sand is one of the essential parts of your project behind its drainage and base. Polymeric sand allows for proper drainage over your pavers.

Sealing Gmoscape Contractor LLC

Why is sealing so important for your patio?

Published 07/13/21 David Murgas

Sealing your patio or walkway is essential to the maintenance, well-being, and longevity of your pavers. The variety of sealers throughout the industry may be overwhelming. So, let's check this info.

Poolscape Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Add a luxurious poolscape to your backyard

Published 06/29/21 David Murgas

At Gmoscape Contractor LLC, we always think about the warm weather, and we work for our wonderful customers, in every season of the year!

Pergola Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

The most beautiful climbing plants for your pergola

Published 06/15/21 David Murgas

In this post, you will find some answers to the most common questions about climbing plants for your pergola and a selection of 5 plants to install on this structure.

Landscape desgin Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Top 4 landscape design trends

Published 06/01/21 David Murgas

When the beautiful days are around the corner,  it is the perfect time to organize a lovely-looking patio. A terrace or landscaping lets you have lovely summer evenings.

Snow Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

How do I prepare my backyard for snow?

Published 05/18/21 David Murgas

The snowflakes have fallen during the night, and you wake up with every outdoor place covered by a white layer. Here we will share some valuable tips to protect your garden and backyard from snow.



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