Outdoor Living desing

Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

Published 09/22/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

As the vibrant colors of autumn leaves start to fade and the air turns crisp, it's a clear sign that winter is just around the corner. While the season brings the joys of holidays.

A sustainable pergola built with eco-friendly

Building Sustainable Pergolas with Eco-Friendly Elements

Published 09/21/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Looking to transform your outdoor space into an eco-friendly oasis? Our article provides expert tips on incorporating sustainable pergolas and eco-friendly elements into your exterior design.

Outdoor patio with comfortable seating and lush green

Transform Your Patio into Paradise with These Design Ideas

Published 09/20/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Whether you're looking for cozy ambiance or stylish entertaining, these tips will help you bring your outdoor space to life. Get inspired and turn your patio into a true haven

Exterior pathway design showcasing the ideal combination

Choosing the Ideal Design for Your Exterior

Published 09/19/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Discover the charm of pathways and learn how to choose the perfect design for your exterior. In this article, we explore pathway perfection and provide expert tips.

Crafting the Perfect Staircase:

Crafting the Perfect Staircase: Steps to Building Durable Beauty

Published 09/18/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Looking to create a stunning staircase that stands the test of time? Discover the steps to perfection with our expert guide on building durable, beautiful staircases.

Image of a beautifully designed patio with comfortable

Unleashing the Art of Creating Outdoor Environments

Published 09/14/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Unleash your creativity and transform your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and entertainment. From selecting the perfect furniture to incorporating stunning landscaping elements.

Dazzling outdoor entryway staircase design

Dazzling Staircases: Inspiring Outdoor Entryway Designs

Published 09/13/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Discover breathtaking outdoor entryway designs with our article. From grandiose to minimalist, we showcase staircases that dazzle and provide inspiration.

A stylish outdoor walkway made with innovative

Outdoor Walkways with Innovative Materials

Published 09/12/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Explore walkways that impress and elevate your outdoor space. Find inspiration and ideas for creating a unique and stylish walkway with innovative materials.

Illustration of a pergola being planned

Mastering the Art of Planning and Pergola Construction

Published 09/11/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Learn the art of designing and constructing a pergola that will elevate your outdoor space. From choosing the perfect materials to expert tips on layout and installation.

Outdoor staircase design showcasing modern and elegant style

Inspiring Staircase Designs for Every Style

Published 09/07/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Looking to elevate your outdoor space? Discover a collection of stunning and inspirational staircase designs for all styles in our latest article. From modern and sleek to rustic and charming.

Outdoor walkway with beautifully arranged stepping stones

Creative Ideas for Outdoor Walkways and Pathways

Published 09/06/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Explore innovative and unique designs that will transform your outdoor areas into stunning and functional spaces. From incorporating natural elements to utilizing artistic features.

A beautifully designed outdoor walkway with perfectly

Inspiring Ideas for Outdoor Walkways and Connecting Spaces

Published 09/05/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space? Discover innovative ways to transform your walkways and connecting spaces with our article.

Exterior Magic: Drab to Fab

Exterior Magic: Drab to Fab with Creative Construction

Published 08/31/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Transform your dull exteriors into stunning masterpieces with the power of creative construction. Discover the secrets of turning drab spaces into fabulous outdoor havens in our latest article.

An outdoor oasis created with unique designs,

Crafting Outdoor Oasis with Unique Designs

Published 08/30/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Transform your outdoor space into a captivating oasis with unique designs. Discover the art of Outdoor Design: Creating Unique Spaces with Pathways and Pergolas.

Outdoor Living desing

The Ideal Stair Construction for Your Outdoor Space

Published 08/29/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on creating the perfect stair construction for your outdoor space. When it comes to enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor area.

Patio service

Renovate Your Home with a Dream Patio: Step-by-Step Construction

Published 08/25/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Are you ready to transform your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and entertainment? Look no further! Our team of experts is here to guide you through the process of creating your dream patio.

Patio Construction

Practical Patio Construction Solutions in CT

Published 08/24/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Are you dreaming of turning your outdoor space into a cozy haven where you can relax, entertain, and soak in the natural beauty? A well-constructed patio can be the perfect answer to your desires.

Outdoor Oasis: Harmonizing Comfort and Function

Outdoor Oasis: Harmonizing Comfort and Functionality in Entertainment Spaces

Published 08/23/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Discover the art of creating perfect outdoor entertainment spaces in our article. Learn how to blend comfort and functionality seamlessly to transform your outdoor area.

Image of a beautifully landscaped backyard

Outdoor Projects to Elevate Your Property Beyond Patios

Published 08/22/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

From stunning gardens to refreshing pools, this article explores various ideas to enhance your property beyond patios. Explore the possibilities and transform your outdoor living.

alt="Exterior construction contractor working on a construction

Mastering the Art of Hiring Top-notch Exterior Construction Contractors

Published 08/21/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Looking to hire the best exterior construction contractors for your next project? will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to master the art of finding top-tier professionals.

A beautifully renovated patio with affordable upgrades,

Affordable Patio Upgrades: Adding Value on a Budget

Published 08/18/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Looking to enhance your outdoor space without breaking the bank? Check out our article on affordable patio upgrades that add value to your home!

A beautifully landscaped garden with a variety

Expert Insights on Exterior Construction

Published 08/17/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Uncover the secrets behind the transformative impact of landscaping and gain valuable knowledge on how it can elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor spaces.

Patio Bliss

Essential Tips for Protecting Your Yard

Published 08/16/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Looking to enjoy your patio all year long? Learn how to weatherproof your outdoor space with these essential tips. From sealing cracks to choosing the right furniture.

Exterior construction showcasing bold and beautiful trends

Unleashing Bold & Beautiful Exterior Construction Trends

Published 08/15/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Looking to make a bold statement with your exterior construction? Discover the latest trends in our article. From eye-catching colors to innovative materials, we explore the top trends.

alt="Image of a beautifully crafted outdoor oasis with

Crafting Your Outdoor Oasis

Published 08/14/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Discover the art of customizing your outdoors, combining personalized elements with professional expertise to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

eco-friendly exterior construction practices

Building a Greener Future: Eco-Friendly Exterior Construction Practices

Published 08/11/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Explore the benefits of sustainable materials, renewable energy, and efficient design to create a more environmentally conscious approach to exterior construction.

Exterior construction showcasing timeless materials that leave

Lasting Legacy: Timeless Materials for Exterior Construction

Published 08/09/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Explore a wide range of durable options that can stand the test of time, including materials that endure like never before.

Illustration of patio construction process: From

Unveiling the Patio Construction Process: From Concept to Reality

Published 08/08/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

From concept to reality, this insightful piece unveils the secrets of creating the perfect patio, providing you with invaluable tips and techniques. Get inspired and turn your patio dreams

A stunning outdoor living space with modern exterior

Cutting-Edge Exterior Construction Designs

Published 08/07/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Explore innovative and captivating ideas for transforming your outdoor spaces into stunning havens. From modern architectural designs to eco-friendly materials, unleash your creativity.

A beautifully designed outdoor space with a patio

Expert Tips from Exterior Construction Pros!

Published 08/03/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

From choosing the right materials to designing a functional layout, this article provides invaluable tips to help you transform your outdoor area into a haven for relaxation and entertainment.

Exterior construction project showcasing stunning landscape transformation

Transformative Exterior Construction for Breathtaking Landscapes

Published 08/02/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Looking to elevate your curb appeal and create stunning landscapes? Discover the transformative power of exterior construction in our latest article.

A beautifully designed outdoor patio with comfortable furniture

Crafting Your Perfect Outdoor Oasis: Essential Factors for Selecting the Right Patio Contractor

Published 08/01/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Explore key considerations such as experience, expertise, and customer reviews to ensure you're making the right choice. Choosing the right patio contractor.

Patio service

Transform Your Outdoors: Inspiring Patio Construction Ideas

Published 07/31/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home, and creating a beautiful and functional patio can transform it into a perfect spot for relaxation and entertainment.

Outdoor Oasis

Creating a Sustainable Outdoor Oasis

Published 07/28/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Are you dreaming of transforming your outdoor space into a sustainable oasis where you can relax, connect with nature, and reduce your environmental impact?

Outdoor Space

Incorporate Coastal Details into Your Outdoor Space

Published 07/27/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Transforming your outdoor space into a coastal paradise can provide you with a serene and relaxing atmosphere reminiscent of sandy beaches and ocean breezes.

Essential Outdoor Living Spaces

10 Essential Outdoor Living Spaces for Your Dream Backyard

Published 07/26/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Your backyard is an extension of your home, and with careful planning and creativity, it can become an enchanting space that brings joy to your life.

alt="A luxurious outdoor oasis featuring a stunning pool

Transform Your Outdoor Oasis: Pools, Fountains, and More for Elevated Living

Published 07/25/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Your Outdoor Living with Water Features: Pools, Fountains, and More. Discover how to transform your outdoor oasis into a luxurious retreat with stunning pools, and captivating fountains.

Outdoor living space with creative lighting, showcasing

Creative Lighting Ideas for Outdoor Living Spaces

Published 07/24/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Looking to create a captivating outdoor paradise? Discover a plethora of innovative lighting ideas for outdoor living spaces in our article, Enhance the ambiance and functionality.

Outdoor Oasis: Crafting All-Season Living

Crafting All-Season Living Spaces for Year-Round Joy

Published 07/20/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Transform your outdoor space into a captivating oasis with our expert guide on crafting all-season living spaces. Discover the secrets to year-round enjoyment.

A well-maintained outdoor living space

Essential Maintenance and Care Tips for Your Outoor Living Space

Published 07/19/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Discover the secrets to maintaining a stunning outdoor living space throughout the year. From essential care tips to expert maintenance techniques, this article will guide you

Outdoor living space with comfortable seating area surrounded

Outdoor Living Space Design Tips 2023

Published 07/18/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Looking for design tips to seamlessly blend your outdoor living space with your home? This article provides expert advice on creating a harmonious connection between your indoor and outdoor areas.

Outdoor living construction balancing durability and aesthetics

Balancing Durability and Aesthetics in Outdoor Living Construction

Published 07/17/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Where we explore the importance of choosing the right materials for outdoor living construction. Discover expert tips on achieving the perfect balance between durability.

alt="Outdoor Living Construction: Timelines and Expect

Unveiling the Timelines and Expectations of Outdoor Living Construction

Published 07/13/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Discover the ins and outs of outdoor living construction with our comprehensive article, "From Start to Finish: Unveiling the Timelines and Expectations of Outdoor Living Construction.

alt="A beautiful outdoor space with a patio,

Building Your Dream Outdoor Space: Essential Permits and Regulations

Published 07/12/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Discover the essential permits and regulations for constructing your dream outdoor space with our comprehensive guide. From zoning requirements to building codes.

alt="DIY vs. Pros: Exploring

Exploring Outdoor Living Construction Options

Published 07/11/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Discover the pros and cons of tackling outdoor living construction projects on your own or enlisting the help of professionals. From cost considerations to design expertise.

alt="Image of an outdoor living space with a

Creating Your Dream Outdoor Retreat on a Budget

Published 07/10/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Budgeting for Your Ideal Outdoor Retreat". Create the perfect outdoor oasis within your budget and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful and functional outdoor living space.

alt="Outdoor living construction transforming a backyard into a

Revamp Your Home and Lifestyle with Outdoor Living Construction

Published 07/07/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Want to transform your home and lifestyle? Discover the benefits of outdoor living construction! Find out why you should consider this trend and how it can enhance your home and lifestyle. Get inspired to revamp your outdoor space today!

alt="Image of a beautifully designed outdoor living space

The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Living Construction

Published 07/05/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

This comprehensive guide will walk you through every step of the process, from planning and designing to construction and maintenance. Get ready to transform your backyard.

alt="A luxurious outdoor spa or hot tub surrounded

Transform Your Poolscape with a Spa or Hot Tub

Published 06/30/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Transform your poolscape into a relaxation oasis with the ultimate poolside serenity. Discover how adding a spa or hot tub can elevate your pool experience to new heights.

luxurious outdoor pool area with comfortable seating

How to make your pool a paradise?

Published 06/29/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Is there anything more inviting than a crystal-clear pool on a scorching summer day? A well-designed pool can transform your backyard into a private oasis.

alt="A beautifully lit swimming pool at night,

Illuminate your pool with creative ideas

Published 06/28/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

From stunning lighting fixtures to innovative techniques, we'll guide you through a variety of creative lighting ideas to transform your pool area into a captivating and secure space.

pool with a fire bowl and water

Expanding Your Poolscape: Water & Fire Features

Published 06/27/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Looking to elevate your pool area beyond the usual? Our article explores how to integrate unique water features and fire elements to create a stunning outdoor oasis.

a stunning and durable poolscape

Tips for selecting materials for a durable and stylish swimming pool

Published 06/26/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Looking to create a beautiful and long-lasting poolscape? Discover the best materials for your project and create a stunning outdoor oasis that will withstand.

Natural beauty poolscape

Enhance Your Poolscape in CT

Published 06/23/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Transform your backyard pool into a natural oasis with our creative landscaping ideas. From adding lush foliage to incorporating natural stone, we'll show you how to blend nature and beauty for the ultimate poolscape. Read on for our expert tips in "Enhance Your Poolscape: Creative Landscaping Ideas for a Natural Beauty".

"Image of a backyard pool installation with proper permits

Poolscape Projects: Navigating Permits & Regulations in CT

Published 06/22/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Provides valuable insights and tips to help you through the process. Learn about the necessary steps to take and how to ensure your project meets all requirements in CT. Read more

Latest Poolscape

Latest Poolscape & Outdoor Living Trends in CT

Published 06/21/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Latest Poolscape & Outdoor Living Trends" covers everything from modern pool designs to outdoor kitchen ideas. Dive in and discover your next outdoor upgrade!

Poolscape with Beautiful Waterfall

Make a Splash with Personalized Poolscape: Options & Ideas

Published 06/20/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

From luxurious customizations to budget-friendly upgrades, our guide covers it all. Discover how to transform your pool area into a personalized paradise with our tips and tricks.

Outdoor fire pit surrounded by patio furniture and decorative

Transform Your Patio with These Fire Pit Ideas

Published 06/16/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

From DIY fire pits to modern designs, we've got you covered. Don't miss out on taking your patio to the next level with these creative ideas.

Outdoor patio with string lights

Light Up Your Patio Nightscape: Outdoor Illumination Ideas

Published 06/14/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

From string lights to lanterns, we've got you covered on all the best ways to illuminate your outdoor space. Get inspired and start creating your dream patio today!

Outdoor Living in Your Connecticut Home

Advantages of Having Outdoor Living in Your Connecticut Home

Published 06/13/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular among homeowners in Connecticut. These versatile and functional areas provide a multitude of benefits that enhance the overall quality of life.

beautifully decorated outdoor patio with comfortable

Patio Perfection on a Budget: Revamp Your Outdoor Space Without Overspending

Published 06/12/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Discover tips and tricks on how to achieve patio perfection on a budget and transform your outdoor space into a relaxing oasis.

Design Patio

Patio Perfection for City Living: Maximizing Small Spaces

Published 06/09/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Looking to turn your small patio into a cozy oasis in the midst of the city? Look no further! From smart storage solutions to stylish decor tips, we've got you covered.

Outdoor kitchen design with grill

Revamp Your Patio Parties with Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Published 06/08/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

From grilling up the perfect burger to mixing up refreshing cocktails, Outdoor Kitchen Designs will help you create the ultimate outdoor entertaining space.

beautifully decorated patio with comfortable

The Perfect Patio: Your Essential Guide to Outdoor Furniture

Published 06/07/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Our comprehensive guide is your go-to resource for selecting the best outdoor furniture to suit your style and needs. From weather-resistant materials to comfortable seating options.

Patio service

Designing Your Dream Patio: Tips for a Cozy Outdoor Oasis

Published 06/06/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

From selecting the perfect furniture to choosing the right lighting, we'll provide you with all the expert advice you need to make your patio the perfect place.

Outdoor Living desing

10 Inspiring Outdoor Living Ideas for Your Patio Transformation

Published 06/05/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space is an excellent way to enhance your home's appeal and enjoy the great outdoors. Your patio can be transformed.

patio and pool

Patio and Poolscape: Boosting Home Value

Published 06/02/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Our expert tips and tricks will help you boost your home value and create the perfect outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining. Read on to learn more.

family enjoying a safe and secure

Make Your Poolscape Safe: Essential Features and Precautions

Published 06/01/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Learn how to make your poolscape safe with these essential features and precautions. Keep your loved ones and guests safe while enjoying your pool all summer long.

swimming pool showcasing

Keep Your Poolscape Pristine: Essential Pool Maintenance Tips

Published 05/31/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

We've got everything you need to keep your pool clean and safe. So why wait? Check out "Pool Maintenance: Essential Tips for a Clean and Safe Poolscape" now!

"Stylish and functional patio furniture set showcasing

Stylish & Functional: Latest Patio Furniture Trends

Published 05/30/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Latest Patio Furniture Trends" covers everything you need to know about the latest trends in patio furniture. From sleek, modern designs to multi-functional pieces.

Outdoor party setup with patio furniture, pool,

Party Perfect: Patio and Poolscape Design Ideas for Effortless Outdoor Entertaining

Published 05/26/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Patio and Poolscape Design Ideas for Effortless Outdoor Entertaining." Discover expert tips and tricks for creating a stunning outdoor space that's perfect for entertaining.

"Serene Poolscape: Vital Elements for

Serene Poolscape: Vital Elements for a Relaxing Oasis

Published 05/25/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

From tranquil water features to comfortable lounging areas, we've got all the tips and tricks to help you transform your pool area into a calming retreat.

outdoor patio with various types of materials including

Creating Your Perfect Patio: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Materials

Published 05/24/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the world of patio materials, from durable concrete to elegant natural stone. With expert tips and advice

pool with crystal clear water

Pool Perfection: Tips for a Stunning Backyard Poolscape

Published 05/23/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood with our pool design advice and landscaping ideas. Read on to learn how to take your outdoor space to the next level.

utdoor patio with comfortable seating

Create Your Outdoor Oasis: Patio Design Inspiration

Published 05/22/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Looking to transform your backyard into a stunning outdoor oasis? Get inspired by beautiful patio designs and learn how to create your own perfect outdoor space.

Poolscape transforming an outdoor oasis with

Revamp Your Outdoor Oasis with a Custom Poolscape

Published 05/19/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Transforming Your Backyard in Connecticut with a Custom Poolscape is easier than you think! Our latest article shares valuable tips and tricks to revamp your outdoor oasis.

Poolscape house

Poolscape Perfection: Tips and Inspiration for Designing a Stunning Oasis

Published 05/18/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Looking to create a stunning poolscape that will transport you to a tropical paradise in your home in CT? Look no further than our comprehensive guide on "Poolscape Perfection".

alt="A well-maintained outdoor space with

Top Tips for Perfect Outdoor Space Maintenance

Published 05/17/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Looking for essential tips for keeping your outdoor space in top shape? Look no further! Our article on "Top Tips for Perfect Outdoor Space Maintenance" has got you covered.

Outdoor Gathering Space

Crafting Your Dream Outdoor Gathering Space

Published 05/16/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Transform your backyard into a paradise with our guide to creating incredible outdoor gathering space in Connecticut.

outdoor living space with comfortable furniture and plants

Patio Perfection: Tips & Inspo for Outdoor Living

Published 05/15/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Looking to create your dream patio and transform your outdoor living space in Connecticut? Look no further than our comprehensive guide! Designing Your Dream Patio.

Patio service

Trending Ideas 2023 for Patios in Connecticut

Published 05/12/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Discover the latest trending ideas for creating stunning patios in Connecticut! This informative blog explores a wide range of design concepts, from incorporating natural elements and outdoor living.

Outdoor Oasis: A beautifully designed outdoor space with

Revamp Your Outdoor Oasis: Creative Design Ideas

Published 05/11/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Looking for inspiration to revamp your outdoor oasis? Look no further! Our article offers a variety of creative design ideas for your outdoor space.

Garden Design for Elegance

Trends in Cozy Garden Design for Elegance

Published 03/21/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

In this article, Gmoscape will tell you about the latest trends in patio and garden design to create a cozy and elegant space on your property.

Swimming pool in your patio

Choosing pool construction material in Connecticut

Published 03/14/23 Ingenuity & Solutions

Before enjoying your new pool in Connecticut, you need to decide on the right construction materials.

Retaining Walls Gmoscape

Functions of retaining walls in Connecticut

Published 10/13/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Retaining walls are installed on sloping ground to prevent shifting or to maintain an unnatural slope in Connecticut. Retaining walls are used in all types of structures, from homes to roads.

Landscape design in a backyard Gmoscape

Gmoscape gives you tips for landscaping its outdoor spaces

Published 09/11/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

To enjoy a landscape day, you will not have to move from the comfort of your home. You just have to go out to the area where you placed it, and that's it.

Pool in a patio Gmoscape Contractor

Tips for having a swimming pool in Connecticut

Published 08/06/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Many people want the opportunity to take a refreshing dip without leaving their homes in those hot months. If you are one of them, these tips for building a pool in your home that we bring you

Watering a garden Gmoscape CT

Preventive yard care in summer

Published 07/16/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

We are already immersed in the summer, and our thoughts are divided between work and vacation. The walks on the beach, the sound of the sea, and the tranquility are approaching

Pool in a patio Gmoscape Contractor

Why remodel your outdoor spaces in summer?

Published 07/08/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Summer is an excellent time to make repairs in the house, mainly due to several conditions linked to this season: no rain, hot weather, more wind, and daylight hours.

Pool in a patio Gmoscape Contractor

Benefits of having a pool at home

Published 06/30/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

If you are considering putting a pool at home, it is essential to consider the benefits and care you get with this element in your home. We want you to find the best solutions to your needs

Workers in a remodelation Gmoscape Contractor LLC

Summer and remodeling

Published 06/22/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

There is no doubt that the works are for the summer, a way to improve our quality of life and allow us to resume the routine enthusiastically in a pleasant and less exhausting way.

Patio furniture

Best patio furniture ideas in Connecticut

Published 06/16/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

The good weather is approaching, and, with it, so is the need to make the most of your outdoor area, whether a mini garden or a huge one, a terrace, a porch, or a patio.

Pool in a yard Gmoscape Contractor

Why is having a swimming pool a good idea?

Published 06/08/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

In addition to other advantages, relaxing in the sun or cooling off during the hottest days are some of the benefits of having a swimming pool at home.

House with stone veneer

Features of stone veneer in Connecticut

Published 06/02/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

At Gmoscape Contractor LLC, we provide the best Stone Veneer service in Connecticut for you to have unique outdoor spaces. There are always new ways to get spectacular details at home.

People enjoying in a patio

Entertainment ideas for your outdoor spaces

Published 05/25/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Instead of blowing your bank account to finance a backyard barbecue, check out some simple tips for hosting a small outdoor summer party on a tight budget.

cozy patio Gmoscape LLC

How to make your patio cozier in Connecticut

Published 05/18/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Do you have a patio at home but don't know what to do with this space? Remember that it is always better to look at the positive side of everything.

Organized patio Gmoscape Contractor LLC

Tips for organizing your outdoor spaces

Published 05/11/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

It doesn't matter if your outdoor space is big or small, long, square, with a view, etc. Much has been written about decorating patios and terraces, but not about how important it is to start.

Worried man in a garde Gmoscape Contractor LLC

Mistakes you should avoid in your patios

Published 05/05/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

The weather begins to give us its joys of warmth and clear skies, and we get a crazy desire to enjoy our patio. Of course, if we have not taken it into account much during the rest of the year.

Lanscape in a patio Gmoscape Contractor

What you have to consider for a landscape design

Published 04/27/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Patios can be the stars of your outdoor spaces, whether they are pure white, glassed-in gazebos, or incredible views. There are many astonishing landscaping ideas that you can consider.

Staircases in a patio Gmoscape Contractor

Why are staircases so helpful?

Published 04/20/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Exterior steps are an essential element of a home and any building. There are several materials used for staircases. Their appearance is a relevant aspect to consider by homeowners.

Decorated patio Gmoscape Contractor

Take care of your outdoor spaces!

Published 04/13/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Patios, walkways, and terraces are invaded by all kinds of plants or windblown sand. Winter can also bring snow that covers walkways. It is always necessary to take care of outdoor spaces.

Nice patio

Why is an outdoor space important?

Published 04/06/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

It is a privilege to have an outdoor space in the house. However small it may be, this space allows us to enjoy the beginning of the first warm temperatures outdoors.


Best tips to have a nice outdoor place

Published 03/30/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Having an outdoor space at home also means having a plot of extra enjoyment and relaxation. A good breakfast on the terrace, shared dinner with friends and family in the garden.

Nice patio Gmoscape Contractor

Tips to have a clean patio in Connecticut

Published 03/23/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Terraces and patios have been positioned as a central part of the homes, where you can enjoy the outdoors and spend long and pleasant moments. In this article, we will talk about cleanliness.

clean patio

Do you know how to clean your patio?

Published 03/18/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Patios are one of the places that should not be neglected in the cleaning work. Depending on the size of the patio and the dirt that can accumulate, the cleaning job could be complex.

remodeling a átio

Get ready to remodel your patio

Published 03/09/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

More than just a space in which we can place some plants, the patio can be transformed into a room of the house, with its atmosphere, in which you can enjoy your home.

floir leveling

Importance of floor leveling in Connecticut

Published 03/05/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Leveling an uneven floor, especially if it is an old house, is essential to consider reform since the excellent condition of the floor will depend on the final result..

Retaining wall

5 Ways to decide if you need a retaining wall or not

Published 02/24/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Retaining walls are an essential component of any construction project. They are used to prevent soil erosion, landslides, and other natural disasters. Retaining walls are also a decorative element.

Pavers on a patio

Things you should know before installing pavers

Published 02/17/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

There are some issues you should consider before installing pavers. We recommend you refer to an expert to achieve the expected results.

Pavers on a patio

Why you should use pavers on your patio

Published 02/02/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Pavers are a type of material that is used to create patios. They are usually made from stone, brick, concrete, or other materials.

Drawing a patio

Steps to make your patio project a reality

Published 01/27/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Starting a new patio project or remodeling your current patio requires a lot of preparation. For this, you should not stop thinking about the details. 

Modern patip

Trending patio ideas for this new year

Published 01/20/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

In 2020, the active use of natural solutions and a conscious attitude towards the environment were developed, and that is what is in trend during 2021 and will remain in 2022.

Snow and patio Gmoscape Contractor LLC

Snow and outdoor living

Published 01/11/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

There must be a series of local environmental conditions for them to appear with snow and frost. Here we share some information to consider for your patio during this season.

Patio remodeling Gmoscape Contractor LLC

How a patio remodeling improves the value of your property

Published 01/04/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Different factors can influence the value of a house. Investing in your property can help you sell it more expensively. Remodeling a home always involves investing.

Staircases for your place Gmoscape Contractor LLC

Staircases for your place in Connecticut

Published 12/29/21 David Murgas

Regardless of the weather, we must get to work and decorate. Stairs are always a great alternative when it comes to innovation.

Pergola design Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Is a pergola a good idea in Connecticut?

Published 12/22/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

A pergola is a structural and architectural element. Usually, it is made up of a corridor flanked by vertical columns. This could be the element you need to give style and elegance to your places

Deck patio Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Would you like to have a deck in your patio?

Published 12/16/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

Decks provide a great aesthetic and functionality to the spaces. They are generally widely used in outdoor spaces, in places such as balconies, terraces, around wet areas, jacuzzis, among others.

Walkways and plants Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Walkways and plants, a great combination!

Published 12/13/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

How beautiful are the walkways in the garden. Choose the one you like the most and get to work! 

Retaining walls Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Retaining walls are perfect for your space

Published 12/07/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

A retaining wall is made of stones or bricks laid in a motley or interlocking pattern. These different patterns contrast to retaining walls made of a single layer of rocks.

Walkways in Autumn Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Walkways, your allies in Autumn!

Published 12/03/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

If we organize our spaces in the best way possible, we can get a better landscape. Adding a walkway in our garden or patio will be an excellent and rewarding detail.  

Lighting in gardens and patios Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Lighting in gardens and patios

Published 11/26/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

Outdoor lighting is taking a lot of relevance nowadays, and it is that who has a garden, balcony, or terrace wants it to be perfectly illuminated. This article will show you some relevant tips.

Patio in Autumn Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

How to maintain your patio in Autumn

Published 11/11/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

Every season has its advantages and disadvantages to maintain your patio. The crucial thing is that you prepare yourself, considering the way weather affects your outdoor places.  

Remodeling Autumn Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Reasons why you should remodel this Autumn

Published 10/24/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

Renovating your home is also a way to reinvigorate yourself. In thi article we tell you why it is a good idea to remodel your house in Autumn.

Autumn Fall Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Decoration ideas for your outdoor spaces in Autumn

Published 10/10/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

Take advantage of the change of season to give your home a new look. You can make your home warmer and more welcoming with some bit of decorative combinations.

Patio landscape Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Ideas to add something different to your patio

Published 09/21/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

This article shows different aspects to take into account about patios. The outside of our home also understands fashion. Gardens, patios, terraces, and balconies are decked out at this time of year.

Sidewalk landscape Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Wonderful and trending sidewalk ideas

Published 09/14/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

Most of the time the paths that we get in the middle of the patios, gardens and surroundings of the houses, usually have a functional but above all very aesthetic purpose in the landscape.

Summer Patio Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Trending patio decorations for this summer

Published 09/07/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

The exterior also understands fashion. Gardens, patios, terraces and balconies are decked out at this time of year so the outdoor trend radar kicks in to bring you a selection of what to wear.

Pergola design Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

3 great ideas for your new outdoor living space

Published 08/31/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

There are always new ideas that you can consider for your outdoor living space. In this article, we want to share some ideas about improving your landscape design using decks, shelters, and pergolas.

New space design Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Why is rendering important when designing a new space?

Published 08/24/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

Rendering is fundamental because it allows us to get a realistic image before building the new outdoor space. This way, we can communicate how the result would look like to make decisions.

Retaining wall Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

What is a retaining wall used for?

Published 08/17/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

A retaining wall is a structure specially designed to retain and support soil to a slope that it would not typically keep to. These walls are often created with relatively rigid materials.

Pavers and concrete Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Pavers vs concrete and soil types

Published 08/10/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

In this opportunity, we will talk to you about some important considerations regarding whether to choose pavers or concrete for your patio and why at Gmoscape, we recommend you go with pavers.

Patio landscape Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

4 important things to consider for your patio project

Published 08/03/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

There are some crucial questions you need to ask yourself to determine the purpose of your paver patio. Here we share with you some important things to consider for your patio project.

Polymeric sand Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

The truth about polymeric sand

Published 07/27/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

The conversation around polymeric sand is one of the essential parts of your project behind its drainage and base. Polymeric sand allows for proper drainage over your pavers.

Sealing Gmoscape Contractor LLC

Why is sealing so important for your patio?

Published 07/13/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

Sealing your patio or walkway is essential to the maintenance, well-being, and longevity of your pavers. The variety of sealers throughout the industry may be overwhelming. So, let's check this info.

Poolscape Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Add a luxurious poolscape to your backyard

Published 06/29/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

At Gmoscape Contractor LLC, we always think about the warm weather, and we work for our wonderful customers, in every season of the year!

Pergola Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

The most beautiful climbing plants for your pergola

Published 06/15/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

In this post, you will find some answers to the most common questions about climbing plants for your pergola and a selection of 5 plants to install on this structure.

Landscape desgin Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

Top 4 landscape design trends in Connecticut

Published 06/01/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

When the beautiful days are around the corner,  it is the perfect time to organize a lovely-looking patio. A terrace or landscaping lets you have lovely summer evenings.

backyard with snow Gmoscape Contractor LLC Connecticut

How do I prepare my backyard for snow?

Published 05/18/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

The snowflakes have fallen during the night, and you wake up with every outdoor place covered by a white layer. Here we will share some valuable tips to protect your garden and backyard from snow.



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